XR Berkshires

Rebels in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts


We are facing an unprecedented global ecological crisis. The government is not working to protect us. Extinction Rebellion is an international mobilization for non-violent disobedience against governments’ criminal inaction on climate change.


  • That the government tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens.

  • That the government enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels.

  • A just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty, and establishes remediation led by and for communities suffering environmental injustice.

  • A national Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes, as part of creating a democracy fit for purpose.

See the full version of our demands here. You can participate in many different ways. To work together in the Extinction Rebellion or find out about our events, check the links at the bottom of this page.


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